Ye Hai Mohabbatein Drama Story

Ye hai mohabbatein  is an indian cleaning soap opera on star plus. It first aired on 3 december 2013. This cleaning soap opera is created with the aid of ekta kapoor and is produced by using her manufacturing business enterprise balaji telefilms. The display stars divyanka tripathi and karan patel because the lead pair.

This is a story of raman and ishita. Ishita vishwanathan iyer (divyanka tripathi dahiya), a tamil dentist in delhi, lives together with her parents vishwanathan and madhavi iyer along side her cousin sister mihika. She also has an elder sister, vandita, who is married to bala chandran and has a son, shravan. Raman kumar bhalla (karan patel), a a success ceo of a multinational employer, is a father to two kids, aditya and ruhi, with his ex-spouse shagun arora. Raman and ruhi live together with his dad and mom, omprakash and santoshi bhalla, along with his siblings, romi, simmi and rinki bhalla. Shagun is in a live-in relationship with ashok khanna, former boss and business rival to raman bhalla. She lives in his residence along with her son aditya.

Having a variety of issues to undergo, ruhi unearths solace in ishita even as ishita develops a motherly intuition for the lady in spite of the truth that she is infertile. After quite a few hurdles, raman and ishita get married to present ruhi the affection of the mom she craves for. Over the manner, raman and ishita develop a deep mutual admire, creating a completely unique bonding, highlighting their friendship and appreciate for each other. In the intervening time, their households bond as mihir, raman’s commercial enterprise partner and near friend, were in an on-off dating with mihika.

During the marriage of mihir and mihika, it’s miles found out that mihir is without a doubt shagun’s more youthful brother and that how raman and mihir understand each other. After facing a couple of hurdles, mihir and mihika’s engagement gets referred to as off as ashok orchestrates a plan to defame mihika, in a ploy to have her as his wife, in the system getting rid of shagun. With their engagement off, shagun seeks refugee within the bhalla house at the side of aditya. She starts offevolved to plot to genuine revenge over ishita for all her distress, and declare raman again in her life. To her sadness, raman and ishita at this factor, have began falling in love with each other, with her every circulate simplest bringing them closer and nearer. All through a chief disagreement, shagun’s motives are found out and he or she is kicked out. Along side that, it is also revealed that rom suffered an damage in an coincidence and consequently, can not end up a father. To hold the family’s appreciate intact, at the eve of rinki’s wedding ceremony, ishita has mihir wed rinki.

Shagun plots once more as she forges files to take again her infant ruhi. This plan backfires in the end as aditya chooses to stay with the bhallas, for this reason distancing himself from shagun. Following this, ishita’s ex-fianc√© subramaniam returns and in due time, subbu and simmi get engaged, as a consequence breaking simmi’s first marriage. At the day in their engagement, an earthquake occurs inside the town and as shagun kidnaps ruhi and aditya, ishita is going out looking for them. Whilst the catastrophe struck, ishita managed to shop the kids, almost killing herself. This prompted shagun to stand a realisation, turning her life around. Additionally, aditya accepts ishita as his mom.

Later, it is found out that subbu’s intentions were not right and his engagement with simmi is referred to as off. Inside the in the meantime, an infertile romi bhalla reveals his ex-female friend sarika, who has what might be, his best shot at having a child. After a long search, romi reveals sarika, convinces her and the 2 get married. Additionally, ashok is outed as a molester and a sex perpetrator, with his marriage with mihika, ending in a divorce.

Later, ishita gets pregnant with raman’s toddler but suffers a miscarriage due to an twist of fate orchestrated by using ashok. Dejected, raman opts for surrogacy, with a reformed shagun acting as the surrogate. Drama ensues as ashok flowers a mole in the bhalla family. It’s far revealed that sarika changed into the mole and the kid she claimed to be hers was without a doubt followed from an orphanage.

Ishita tracks the real mother and father of the child and in a few atypical instances, ishita by chance murders the father of the child. After being convicted, raman is forced to marry nidhi, a defence legal professional, as a way to shop ishita. Unbeknownst to raman, nidhi became right here to get revenge. To break out from nidhi’s traps, raman and ishita attempt a couple of strategies. In the long run, as shagun gives delivery to raman and ishita’s 1/3 child, pihu, nidhi kidnaps the brand new-born infant. In a failed rescue strive, ishita loses ruhi and following that, nidhi fakes her loss of life along side ruhi. Outraged over the lack of his daughter, raman bashes ishita out of the residence in an impulse. Earlier than he can rectify this, ishita tries suicide, making absolutely everyone accept as true with she is dead, at the same time as she become stored with the aid of mani, her antique buddy.

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