Almost all experienced with herpes on the lips. It manifests as a rash of small blisters and cause pain and itching. These are the consequences of the infection caused by the herpes simplex virus type 1 or 2. There are many gels and ointments are used to treat dry patches on lips. It also often deals with traditional methods.

Compeed plaster

Antiherpetica patch appeared recently, but already popular. They are very often found on the shelves of Compeed pharmacies. The scientists developed Danish company Coloplast A / S It consists of: croscarmellose sodium, gelatin and gum, to impart sticky patch. Compeed adheres to the skin when it moves through the top layer of a polyurethane film. In addition, the top layer protects from moisture and infections.


Reduces the activity of cell viruses with specific antiviral substances, which promotes the rapid healing of wounds.


The use of the first manifestations of the disease will be freed from the eruption and the subsequent appearance of the cortex


But if the virus’s effect is already running, and there was an eruption, the Compeed will get rid of the pain and itching.


It allows you to isolate the virus, cells and reduces the possibility of infection of the beloved ones. Also Compeed popular among the ability to hide unpleasant sores on the lips.


You can fill creams, lipstick.


Patches of action in different stages of the disease

This tool can only be used with herpes on the lips. It is acted differently depending on the stage of the disease.


Herpes in the primary stage manifests itching, tingling. The eruption is absent. Requesting anti-herpetic funds at this stage is very important. Relieves unpleasant symptoms and prevents rashes.

The next step is the appearance of bubbles, which is also accompanied by pain and itching. The means to minimize the inconvenience. The wound is protected from contact with objects such as a cup that promotes rapid healing.

The next step forms erosion after the liquid bubbles burst. In this case, there is the possibility of infection in the open wound. Plaster can be protected from all types of viral formation of contacts, moisture, dust and infections.

In this stage, a yellowish scab that can burst and in its place there are spots. All this is accompanied by discomfort or pain. Media absorbs moisture and provides air that promotes rapid healing and prevents the crust from appearing.

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